AET-CP Japan Joint Stock Company (AET-CP Japan) was established in August 2018 by AET Japan Co., Ltd (a subsidiary of Shinwa Engineering Co.Ltd in Vietnam) and shareholders experienced in consulting solutions, design and manufacture of low voltage switchboards in Vietnam with the aim of building a factory manufacturing and assembling electric cabinets in accordance with Japanese standards.

Althought new to operate, AET-CP Japan is well-known on the market as a guarantee of quality and reliability of the products offered and for the vast range proposed to respond to the widest variety of plant engineering requirements. The corporate image has also been enhanced by the practice of providing customers with high quality project documentation. AET-CP Japan is a 9001:2015 certified company.

The Future for AET-CP Japan

We have incorporated new manufacturing principles, increasing what we can offer to our clients and customers in quality, engineering and customisation capabilities.

We are one of the very few switchboard manufacturers that have in-house enclosure fabrication capabilities, and everything at AET-CP Japan is under one roof. Providing an extensive space for switchboard manufacturing was a logical choice for our company, we know the value of the customised experience.

This allows us to work closely with the customer to find a solution that meets their needs. Incorporating customer specifications – heights, spaces and applications – our engineering team are always hard at work either designing a value proposition for our customers or building the switchboards themselves. At AET-CP Japan, we provide more than just your standard switchboard.


“To become a reputable low voltage switchboard manufacturer in Vietnam”


  • TOWARD CUSTOMER: Exceeding Customer’s expectation and need by offering innovative solutions, state-of-the-art products.


  • TOWARD EMPLOYEES: Building effective working culture in an open and friendly environment.


  • TOWARD SHAREHOLDERS: Bringing attractive and sustainable values to shareholders.


  • TOWARD COMMUNITY: Making a positive contribution to the community development.


  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: Providing centralized solutions with dedicated staff to ensure your experience is unmatched.


  • CULTURE: Believing our culture defines us. We are proud of our staff and the culture within our workplaces across the country.


  • PARTNERING: Working best when we partner with our clients, becoming an extension of their own organization, rather than considered simply as an external supplier.


  • HONESTY & INTEGRITY: Promoting honesty and integrity in and out of the workplace at all times.